Determine the end behavior for the function f(x)=(x^2+1)^2(2x-3)

2 Answer

  • we see that the highest power will be 5th degree (multiplying only the placeholders, ( x^2)^2(2x)=2x^5)
    and the leading coefient is positive

    so therefor, since
    we see the power is odd, so odd function
    the ends go in opsoite directions
    we know that if the leadind coefient (number in front of highest power term) is positive, then odd powered polynomials go from bottom left to top right
    and for even ones, it goes both up

    so we gots posiitve ileading coefient and odd power

    same as last time
    as x approaches negative infinity, y approaches negative infinity
    as x approaches infinity, y approaches infinity
  • Can somebody help me please !!!!!!! 20points

    Identify the end behavior of the function ƒ(x) = 7x5 − 4x3 − 9x + 1.