Why are invasive species dangerous to the environment?

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  • invasive species sometimes eat or kill food soutces of other animals causing enviroments to change and more animals to die. like the emrald ash borer it burrors into ash trees infecting it and killing them the more they spread the more ash trees die. if invasive species are moved to an unadapted area it is very dangerous and can cause extinction
  • Answer:

    Invasive species compete with native species for resources and adversely affect their survival. Removal of native species from the system deteriorate the environment.


    Since invasive species do not have predators in a new habitat, they out-compete the native species. The exploitation of available resources by invasive species makes them scarce for the native species. Lack of essential resources reduces the growth rate and population size of native species.

    Since biotic and abiotic components of a system affect each other, removal or reduced population size of native species adversely affects the environmental conditions.