What is the main idea of the book Henry huggins

1 Answer

  • Have you ever felt like you were living a boring, ordinary life? Well, in the book Henry Huggins, the main character, Henry, feels the same way! That is, until he finds and rescues a stray dog. Then, his life takes an exciting turn for the better.

    When Henry finds him, the dog is so skinny that his ribs are sticking out. That's why Henry decides to name the dog Ribsy. Henry and Ribsy become best friends, and go through many adventures in the book. Just a few of the adventures include, sneaking Ribsy onto a bus (where there are no dogs allowed!); attempting to get out of having to participate in a school play; and trying to save up money for a lost football. Henry has to overcome a problem when a boy comes to his neighborhood and says Ribsy is his dog! Henry and the boy decide to let Ribsy decide which boy is his real owner, and you will be glad to know that Ribsy chooses Henry!