An investment bank has a position vacant for the post of finance manager. Which three skills will they look for in their candidates?

2 Answer

  • For PLATO, the correct answers are:

    decision making, teamwork abilities, and quantitative data analysis

    These choices are confirmed correct, for anybody wondering.

  • The three skills which should be analyzed for the post of finance manager are the team handling, decision making process and the analysis of quantitative data.

    What is an investment bank?

    An investment bank is referring to the advisory who helped the companies, individuals and government authorities to invest in the right sector or securities. it is a bank that acquires the shareholding and then resell them to the investors in the stock market.

    • Finance manager is an individual who is accountable for the monetary well being of the company.
    • He/she is working in the finance department and has to allocate the funds of company in profitable assets which can be current or non -current assets.
    • He/she can provide opinions regarding in which sector and at what time to make reliable investments so that maximum profit can be earned to the company in future.
    • He/she knows how to interpret the financial data of ┬áthe company and how to handle a team with various members.

    Therefore, the team handling, decision making skills and analysis of quantitative data are some of the abilities that are needed in the finance manager while hiring.

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