Which statement best describes how all Mutations occur
A. Some of the genetic material is altered
B. The RNA code is shifted during transcription
C. DNA nucleotides are changed during replication
D. An incorrect amino acid is placed in a protein chain

2 Answer

  • A.some of the genetic material is altered
  • Answer:

    A. Some of the genetic material is altered


    Mutation is a change in the genetic characteristics of a living being.

    In Genetics and Biology, a mutation is an alteration or change in the genetic information (genotype) of a living being and that, therefore, will produce a change of characteristics, which occurs suddenly and spontaneously, and that can be transmitted or inherit the offspring. The genetic unit capable of mutating is the gene that is the unit of hereditary information that is part of the DNA. In multicellular beings, mutations can only be inherited when they affect reproductive cells.