Which of these is the BEST example of using economic pressure to bring about change? A) The Watts Riots, 1965 B) March on Washington, 1963 C) Montgomery Bus Boycotts, 1955-1956 D) Desegregation of Central High School, 1957

2 Answer

  • The Montgomery Bus Boycotts would be the best example of using economic pressure to bring change.
  • The correct answer is C) Montgomery Bus Boycotts.

    This bus boycott was spurred by Rosa Parks and the NAACP. In order to protest the segregation laws and the laws that forced African-Americans to give up their seats for white citizens, African-Americans in Montgomery Alabama refused to take the bus. This brought economic pressure on the bus companies because it resulted in the loss of significant profit. Since very few African-Americans would take the bus, it meant that the bus company had less money coming in. Ultimately, after about a year, the boycott ended when the segregation laws were changed.