You are playing a game of Scrabble and have the 5 A tiles, 3 E tiles, 1 Z tile, 2 M tiles, 3 L tiles, and 1 Y tile to choose from. What is the probability that you choose E or Y on your next draw?

1 Answer

  • When reading questions like these, watch out for "or", which means to add.
    There are a total of 15 tiles;
    There are 5/15 (1/3 simplified) A tiles.
    There are 3/15 (1/5 simplified) E tiles.
    There are 1/15 Z tiles.
    There are 2/15 M tiles.
    There are 3/15 (1/5 simplified) L tiles.
    There is 1/15 Y tiles.
    We are looking for E or Y, which means we must add their fractions together.
    E = 3/15, Y = 1/15.
    3/15 + 1/15 = 4/15
    You have a 4/15 chance of drawing an E or a Y.
    I hope this helps! :)