explain how the following terms are related: element, atom, molecule, chemical bound, compound, mixture, and substance.

2 Answer

  • An element is a substance of one type of molecule, e.g Hydrogen. And every molecule is made out of atoms. Compounds are like mixtures however, compounds are fixed or "bonded" together unlike mixtures, where they are not bonded together e.g rock salt and cold water solution
  • Well,

    An element is a collection of atoms (isotopes) that have the same number of protons.

    Molecules are multiple atoms that bond together to form a new substance with its own unique properties.

    A chemical bond is a bond between atoms that holds the atoms together to make the molecule.

    A compound is a mixture of molecules that have different chemical properties.

    A mixture is a mixture (redundancy) of molecules.

    A substance is basically a thing, such as a particle, atom, compound, mixture, or molecule.