Calculate the resistance of a 900.-watt toaster
operating at 120 volts. [Show all work, including
the equation and substitution with units.]

2 Answer

  •      Using the Definition of Potency, we have:

    [tex]P= \frac{V^2}{R} [/tex]
         Entering the unknowns:

    [tex]P= \frac{V^2}{R} \\ 900*W= \frac{(120*V)^2}{R} \\ R= \frac{14400*V^2}{900*V*A} \\ R=16* \frac{V}{A} \\ \boxed {R=16Ohm}[/tex]

    If you notice any mistake in my english, please let me know, because i am not native.

  • Answer : Resistance is 16 ohms.

    Explanation :

    It is given that,

    Power of toaster, [tex]P=900\ Watt[/tex]

    Voltage, [tex]V=120\ V[/tex]

    According to ohm's law, V = I R

    Mathematically power is defined as :




    [tex]R=\dfrac{(120\ V)^2}{900\ W}[/tex]

    [tex]R=16\ \Omega[/tex]

    So, the resistance of the toaster is 16 ohms.

    Hence, this is the required solution.