A baseball player runs 27.4 meters from the
batter’s box to first base, overruns first base by
3.0 meters, and then returns to first base.
Compared to the total distance traveled by the
player, the magnitude of the player’s total
displacement from the batter’s box is
(1) 3.0 m shorter (3) 3.0 m longer
(2) 6.0 m shorter (4) 6.0 m longer

2 Answer

  • 6.0 m longer because the player ran 3 and came back 3 at the very end, which looks like he went nowhere but in reality he ran 6.
  • Answer:

    Option (3) 3.0 m longer


    This is a question of displacement here. Let's look at the problem again and analyse.

    The first distance run by the base  = 3 m

    The second distance to the base   = 3 m

    The total distance run = 6 m

    The first base lags by 3 m, so the distance = 6 - 3

                                                                           = 3 m.