In a simple electric circuit, a 24-ohm resistor is
connected across a 6.0-volt battery. What is the
current in the circuit?
(1) 1.0 A (3) 140 A
(2) 0.25 A (4) 4.0 A

2 Answer

  • We already know
    Voltage = Current * Resistance
    So Current = Voltage/ Resistance
    Now we have to take note of all the information's that are already given in the question. The answer to the question can be easily deduced from the information's provided in the question.
    Voltage of the circuit = 6.0 V
    Resistance of the circuit = 24 ohm
    Current = 6/24 ampere
                 = 1/4 ampere
                 = 0.25 ampere
    So the current in the circuit will be 0.25 A. The correct option among all the options given in the question is option "2".
  • V=ir so V/r=i So I =6/24=0.25