A grocery store sells snacks by weight. A six-ounce bag of mixed nuts costs $3.60. Predict the cost of a two-ounce bag. Please help me!!

2 Answer

  • since a 2 ounce bag is 1/3 of a 6 ounce bag, I predict it will cost one third of $3.60. 
    3.60 ÷ 6 = ? 

  • to find the total cost of two ounces first you need to write the expression
    6oz bag=$3.60
    And you are trying to figure out how much would you pay for two ounces so you divide
    3.60 divided by 6=0.60
    So 0.60 equals one ounce so 0.60 times 2=1.20
    So a 2 ounce bag will cost $1.20