In "The Highwayman," how does Bess warn the highwayman of danger?
a. by firing the gun into the air
b. by running away from the British troops
c. by shouting out to him as he rides up the road
d. by sacrificing her own life

2 Answer

  • d. by sacrificing her own life.
    she was left with a rifle so when Bess saw the highway man she shot herself so the highway man could realise there is  danger 

  • Answer:

    (D) By sacrificing her own life.


    Alfred Noyes's poem "The Highwayman", tells the story of an unnamed highwayman in love with the daughter of a landlord. The poem's setting is in rural England in the 18th century.  

    The unnamed protagonist highwayman rides into town on a winter night. There, he fell in love with the daughter of the landlord, which makes Tim, another suitor of Bess, jealous. But they can't be together at once for the highwayman was after a prize. So, he asked her to wait for him, which she readily agrees.  

    After he left, Tim betrays him to the authorities. The King's men kidnapped Bess and use her as bait. The men tied her up and kept a musket near her, taunting her to keep guard. Bess knows which way he will come. So, she used the rifle to kill herself, sacrificing her life just to warn the highwayman of the ambush.