The equation 2NaNO3 CaCl2=2NaCl Ca(NO3)2 is balanced. How many atoms of oxygen are there on each side of the equations?

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  • Answer: There are 6 atoms on reactant side and 6 atoms on product side.


    [tex]2NaNO_3 + CaCl_2 \rightarrow 2NaCl + Ca(NO_3)_2[/tex]

    As can be seen from the balanced equation the no of atoms i 1 molecule of [tex]NaNO_3[/tex] is 3, thus 2 molecules contain 6 atoms.

    According to law of conservation of mass, in a balanced chemical equation the number of atoms on product side must be equal to the number of atoms on reactant side.

    Thus there are 6 atoms formed in [tex]Ca(NO_3)_2[/tex].

  • Answer:

    6 atoms of Oxygen


    The person who answered before me was correct.  I just took the quiz :)