A 3.00-newton force causes a spring to stretch 60.0 centimeters. Calculate the spring constant of this spring. [Show all work, including the equation and substitution with units.]

2 Answer

  • This is a question that utilises Hooke's law, F=kX where F is the magnitude of the force applied, k is the spring constant, and X is the displacement of the end of the spring from its relaxed position.

    We know the force and X so we can rearrange to make k=F/X
    Then, substitute the values for F and X.

    k=3/0.6= 5 N/m
  • The spring constant k = 50 N/m

    According to Hooke's Law, the restoring force F of a spring is:

       F = kx

    where k  is the spring constant and x is the displacement after stretch.

    Given that x = 60 cm = 0.6 m and F = 3 N

    then,       k = F/x = 3/0.6  N/m

                  k = 50 N/m is the spring constant

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