Jenna bought 5 pounds of apples for $6.85. What is the unit price per pound of apples?

2 Answer

  • We need to set up a proportion.

    5/6.85 = 1/x            The proportion is set up here.

    x is the price per pound of apples. We need to solve for x.

    Cross multiply.

    5*x = 6.85*1
    5x = 6.85                Now we must solve for x by isolating the variable.

    5x/5 = 6.85/5               Divide both sides by 5.

    x = 6.85/5 
    x= 1.37

    Now, since x equals 1.37, we know that our unit price per pound is $1.37.

    Final answer: $1.37 per pound of apples
  • To find the unit price we will divide. We will divide the amount of money by the amount of pounds for the apples. Then our answer will be the unit price. Then we will check our answer (ALWAYS check your answer to make sure %100 that you are right. It is possible that you can make a mistake while solving) and if we are right then that will be your unit price per pound for the apple. lets do it:-

    6.85 ÷ 5 = 1.37
    1 pound of apples = $1.37.


    1.37 × 5 = 6.85
    We were RIGHT!!!

    So, $1.37 per pound of apples

    Hope I helped ya!!! Happy New Year!