What are Inventions That i could make that Could Change The World

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  • Inventions usually start out with a small idea. Just like the story for honey bunches of oats, his daughter smiled because she knew he was up to something (and they never ever knew they would become very famous with their cereal). 

    Since many people are dying from diseases, you could make an invention that rates how close you are to get that disease. It could warn you on when you might get it (for example, it tells you that a person behind you has a flu, so make sure to stay away from that person.). 

    It would be called 'The-World-Is-Healthy' because it would decrease the spread of disease. 

    That would change the world. 
  • Some inventions could be:

    Money Making Machine
    A Very Big Jar that People Put Money In
    A Place where People in Poverty can take a Bath
    An Organization that helps People in Poverty
    Like you, Bookishfairy73 said a Solar Filtration System :)

    Those are some related to Poverty which is the #1 problem in the world today

    But also for the world:

    System that reuses the water from your shower
    Freezer that freezes water for the North and South Pole (Global Warming is a big issue)
    Solar Powered Cars
    Concussion Detector
    Renewable Wave Power System
    An arm that can help you lift heavy stuff
    Wind-Powered House (the way that would work is the wind hits your house and your house has sensors that transform the wind into energy to use in your home)

    Im not that good at coming up with ideas :)