If a thermometer indicates 30 degrees Celsius, what is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?
A. 24°F
B. 17°F
C. 86°F
D. 54°F

2 Answer

  • Answer=C

    The conversion formula between Celsius and Fahrenheit is:


    Based on the information given, we know that °C=30. So we can solve for °F.


    30 Degrees Celcius is equivalent to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If a thermometer indicates 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit is 86°F.

    Boiling water measures 100 degrees in Celsius, and 212 degrees in Fahrenheit. Freezing water measure 0 degrees in Celsius, and 32 degrees in Fahrenheit. 

    So, if you want to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit, you will need to:
    Multiply by 180/100
    Add 32

    Let's convert 30 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit.
     180/100 = 54
    54 + 32 = 86