A 'snail's pace is 60 inches per minute. At this rate how long will it take the snail to crawl 120 feet?

2 Answer

  • it will take 2 minutes because if a snail pace is 60 inches per minute means if you multiply 60 times 2 it will be 120 or you can add another 60 and it will give you 120

  • Ok, so here, we have the unit rate of the snail. Now, we need to set up a proportion.

    60/1 = 120/x

    Now, cross multiply.

    60*x = 120*1

    60x= 120

    Now divide to solve for x.

    60x/60 = 120/60
    x = 120/60 
    x= 2

    Now our final answer is 2.

    Final answer:- The snail will take 2 minutes to crawl 120 feet