Sebastian swam laps every day in the community swimming pool. he swam 45 minutes each day, 5 days a week, for 12 weeks. in that time, he swam 1,800 laps. what was his average rate in laps per hour?

1 Answer

  • Answer: 40laps

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Sebastian swam 45minutes per day.

    If she swam 5days a week, this is equivalent to Sebastian swimming 60days in 12weeks.

    If Sebastian swam 45minutes in a day, she must have swam for (45×60)minutes in 60days which is equivalent to 2700minutes

    Converting 2700minutes to hours;

    60minutes = 1hour

    2700minutes = x

    x = 2700/60

    x = 45hours

    Since sebastian swam 1800laps in that 12weeks in 45hours, her average rate lap per hour can be calculated thus;

    1800laps = 45hours

    X laps = 1hour

    30 × X = 1800

    X = 1800/45

    X = 40laps

    This shows that Sebastian swam 40laps in one hour in average.