Math homework help?

Pooters and Dooters were walking across a bridge one day, minding their own business. They knew that a train was due to come across that bridge soon, but they thought they could make it. It was a nice sunny day, and there was a great view from the bridge, so they walked very slowly, enjoying the view and savoring the warmth of the spring day.

They were one-third of the way across the bridge, when the sound of a train whistle brought them instantly back to reality. Looking back over their shoulders, they saw a huge locomotive pulling tons of boxcars coming directly at them at 24 miles per hour! Using all their powers of mathematical reasoning, Pooters and Dooters immediately figured that they could run directly ahead and get to the far edge of the bridge at the exact same instant as the train. But they also knew that they could run back toward the train and get to the near end of the bridge just as the train got there. Basically, they knew they were dead meat.

How fast do Pooters and Dooters run?

please help me get an equation to solve the problem.

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